Solid Silver Butterfly Effect Chain

Made By Heaven' Butterfly Chain features a Butterfly engraved inside a gold octagon shaped pendant. The Butterfly resembles the perspective that one small change can make much bigger changes happen.
The butterfly is a symbol of change and growth. Small changes in positive thoughts & actions can lead to the best version of yourself.
A butterfly symbolizes the transformation of life itself. This chain will bring positive change, social success and provide spiritual guidance to its owners.
- Made in Los Angeles
- .925 Silver Solid Pendant & Chain
- All material is solid to the touch

Made to Order 
Savage Isle's jewels are precious. They require care and attention. Savage Isle jewels are entirely assembled by hand. We advise that soaps, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, oils can cause irreversible damages to jewels. We advise that also water and intense heat can damage the most delicate jewels. We recommend to evaluate the jewel worn with its utilization.