Solid Silver Rose Of Passion Chain

Made By Heavens' Solid Silver Rose Chain is for a man or woman of elegance and deep thought. The rose of passion is a reminder to be timeless in whatever your passion or focus may be. At the base of wherever your life leads you, know that if you follow your passion you are promised a life true to yourself. A life spent true to yourself is something that time cannot define or disrupt. 
This chain features a perfectly hand-carved Silver Rose Pendant with a Silver micro link chain. 
- Material:  .925 Solid Silver Chain & Pendant
- Made in Los Angeles
Made to Order
Savage Isle's jewels are precious. They require care and attention. Savage Isle jewels are entirely assembled by hand. We advise that soaps, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, oils can cause irreversible damages to jewels. We advise that also water and intense heat can damage the most delicate jewels. We recommend to evaluate the jewel worn with its utilization.