Jay Alvarrez Gold Butterfly Chain Gold Franco Chain

Jay Alvarrez

Gold Butterfly Effect Chain

  Savage Isles' Butterfly Chain features a Butterfly engraved inside a gold octagon shaped pendant. The Butterfly resembles the perspective that one small change can make much bigger changes happen.
  The butterfly is a symbol of change and growth. Small changes in positive thoughts & actions can lead to the best version of yourself.
  A butterfly symbolizes the transformation of life itself. This chain will bring positive change, social success and provide spiritual guidance to its owners.
Featuring 18k Gold Plating plating with a gold micro cuban link chain.
- Chain length: 22 inches or 28 inches
- Material: 18k Gold Plated
- Made in Los Angeles
- All material is solid to the touch


Exquisite craftsmanship and minimalism collide for our His and Hers Collection.


Jay Alvarrez Gold Rose Chain  Gold Franco Chain

Jay Alvarrez

Gold Rose of Passion Chain

Savage Isles' Micro Gold Rose Chain is for a man or woman of elegance and deep thought. The rose of passion is a reminder to be timeless in whatever your passion or focus may be. At the base of wherever your life leads you, know that if you follow your passion you are promised a life true to yourself. A life spent true to yourself is something that time cannot define or disrupt. 
This chain features a perfectly hand-carved Gold Rose Pendant with a Gold micro link chain. 

- Chain length: 22inch 
- Material: 18k Gold Plated 
- Made in Los Angeles



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